Moguls (MO)

Mogul skiing was a demonstration sport in freestyle skiing at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary. It has been a medal event in the Winter Olympics since 1992 in Alberville. Mogul courses are between 200 and 270 metres long with an average slope grade of 26 degrees. The moguls themselves are set approximately 3.5 metres apart. The course includes two small jumps which are used as a take-off for aerial maneuvers. Athletes can perform upright or inverted tricks off these jumps during the course of the competition run.

Scoring: turns count for 60% of the score. This is a technical evaluation made by judges, it includes rhythmic changes in the direction of travel to either side of the fall line (the shortest line from start to finish), using an aggressive, controlled technique.

Air (jumps) count for 20% of the score. Air is scored in two parts: form and difficulty. Jumps include flips, loops, rotations (helicopters/360,720), and upright jumps such as a spread eagle.