To whom it concern,

You will be able to apply for the media accreditation through the enclosed on-line page. After the Media Department has checked the relevant information you will receive an e-mail of accreditation acceptance or refusal  before the 20th of January 2017.

Accreditation guide of the Freestyle Ski and Snowboard Championships Sierra Nevada 2017:

  • The international radio and tv channels that apply for press accreditation will receive approval after having been checked by Infront, who are the international tv rights holders.
  • Photographers, press and the digital media can apply for accreditation through the enclosed online application.
  • Access to the media zones depends on the capacity for each area.

In order to have accreditation it is compulsory to include the following information:

  • Passport size photograph (jpg format, not bigger than 500KB)
  • Valid passport or national identity card

  • Final application date: 8th January 2017

  • The accreditation application will be checked by the Press Department and you will receive a letter of acceptance or refusal by e-mail before the 20th January 2017.